Frequently Asked Questions

What does TerriTool do?


TerriTool stores and breaks down sales data (leads, prospects, active accounts etc) into bite-sized, route efficient itineraries for field reps.

How does TerriTool benefit field reps?


It enables individual sales reps to make the most out of their time on the field without having to constantly plan their days. Our average user saves 10 hours per week, sees 23% more prospects, and decreases fuel consumption by 9%.

Is TerriTool like a CRM?


TerriTool is compatible with all major CRMs and data sources with dual synchronicity. In other words, all of your CRM data will automatically appear on TerriTool and vice versa.

If you don’t have a CRM or data source, we function as a CRM standalone platform as well. You can either input your data manually or upload an Excel/CSV spreadsheet and then route it.

Does TerriTool sell/have access to user data?


No to both accounts. Your data is your data. We do not have access to your data nor do we resell it.

How secure is data on TerriTool?


TerriTool utilizes the most advanced security systems. Your data is SSL encrypted and requires a username and password to gain access to your account. TerriTool's servers are protected by firewalls and your data is stored on encrypted disks on multiple database servers. Our data server location is only accessible by biometric access control and video surveillance. We do not share your data with third parties.

How does TerriTool differ from other route optimization softwares/CRMs?


What separates TerriTool is our patented AI software that was built to break down every account, opportunity, prospect, and lead in a sales rep’s territory into one single route that’s easily accessible on the field for any sales rep at any tech level.

Our software automatically segments a sales rep’s territory into bite-sized, route efficient itineraries so that sales reps always know how to spend their days on the field in the most optimal manner.

How much can I save with TerriTool? How soon can it pay off?


When all expenses are considered, the average cost per company visit comes out to around $50. Our average user sees an additional 23% of customers/prospects per week after using TerriTool (which comes out to an additional 5 per day). Let’s be conservative and assume the platform enables a sales rep to see only 1 additional account per day (meaning 20 additional visits per month). Seeing 1 more account per day would create a value equivalent to $1000 per sales rep per month.

TerriTool users have cut their gas consumption by 9% per week which means your organization will help cut emissions and save money in the process.

In addition, our software has proven to reduce the sales cycle and enable sales reps to be more clinical and strategic with their time on the field by knowing the highest valued customers to target while reducing time spent organizing and planning by an average of 10 hours per rep per week.

Can TerriTool help me avoid traffic?


In order to determine routes, TerriTool incorporates historical traffic data which is aggregated through navigational platforms over millions of drivers. We are currently working on incorporating real-time traffic data into our patented AI route optimization software. For now, live traffic is determined by selecting one of the navigation platforms that syncs with TerriTool (Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps).

Which industries would benefit the most from TerriTool?


Territool benefits all industries with field reps; to name a few: Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, Food and Beverage, Security, Chemicals, Industrial and Commercial, Toys, Paper and Stationary, Merchandise, Paints and Coatings, Electronics, Workshop Supplies, Craft Supplies, Car Accessories, Optics, Alcohol, Heating and Sanitary, Market Research, Sports and Leisure Goods, Clothing and Textiles, Machinery, Dental Needs, Telecommunications.

What are the main use-cases that benefit from TerriTool?


Our main use case is for reps that meet with prospects and customers on the field. TerriTool breaks down a user’s territory so they can make the most out of their time in a particular area without having to plan or study a map.

Can I try TerriTool without cost or obligation?


Through registering for TerriTool using this link you'll see there's a built in 30 day free trial with no credit card required. Try it out by uploading as much data via Excel/CSV spreadsheet. If you’d like to sync with your current CRM, contact