Field Sales

Lead generator, patented AI route optimization software and CRM for outside sales reps.

How It Works

Step 1

Find Leads Anywhere

Search for leads by industry and location.

Step 2

Automated Route Planning

Our patented AI software plans your days on the field in the most time efficient manner.
US Patent No 11,193,776

Step 3

Go Sell

Grow and maintain your sales territory with our built-in CRM accessible via web and mobile apps.


Boost revenue

Spend more time on the field

Visit more accounts and prospects in less time

Eliminate planning and reduce administrative tasks

Find new business while leveraging existing sales data

Lower emissions, save money on gas and reduce carbon footprint


per month
User provides data via Excel/CSV upload or CRM sync.
per year
Find and save 100 leads every month +$0.40 for each additional lead.
5000 LEADS
per year
Over 1,100 free lead credits.

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